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The Ames Area Amateur Astronomers is a dynamic organization with activities held year-round. Each month at our meeting we present a guest speaker, with exciting lectures about space and astronomy. 

   February 20th  Meeting

Determining that a planet or moon is "habitable" does not mean that life is actually present.  In Part II of this two-part series we will look at the chances that life could exist beyond earth and explore how we would find out. Mars and some of the moons in our solar system have the potential to have life.  Can we find evidence of life on them?  Finally, the ultimate question, is there any intelligent, technological life out there? Join us for an intriguing (and sometimes bizarre) look at mankind's efforts to find life and intelligence beyond earth.


Check out Spaceweather for the latest news and information.
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The Iowa Star Party will be held August 13-17th this year. Registration form can be accessed at


On Sunday night, November 23rd the auroras broke out over Norway.

Check out the aurora activity for your location.

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